Conference in the European Parliament on trade relations between the EU and Israel. 

On Wednesday 11 December, the annual conference of the European Christian Political Movement took place in Brussels. At the invitation of the ECPM, a group of 90 people was present on behalf of Pillar of Fire. The theme of the conference this time was “Empowering Israel-EU Trade Relations” (strengthening the trade relationship between the EU and Israel) and the trade agreement with the European Union.

Various speakers gave short presentations during the conference. Subjects were the trade agreement mentioned, examples of trade cooperation, the need for cooperation between the EU and Israel in areas such as (cyber) security. But also the many areas in which Israel has much to offer the EU, such as in innovation, technology, medical science, agriculture, etc. Also discussed were the restrictions on trade cooperation that Israel is confronted with as a result of politically motivated decisions (the issue of refusing to allow trade with companies in disputed areas) and, for example, the BDS movement.

Read the full article, as published by the Israeli Christian News Network, on 23 December, 2019, by Pillar of Fire. Photo credits: Pillar of Fire